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Toly’s Vision, Mission, Values & Purpose

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At Toly, our vision is to create a global beauty development platform, connecting ideas with know-how and capabilities.
In effect, we are an ecosystem of both internal and external resources.

Our mission is to partner with the world’s leading and most innovative beauty brands and help them launch and bring amazing products to the market.

These are driven by our four core values, which simply put revolve around:
• Our People
• Our Passion
• Our Pride
• Our Creativity

Our core purpose is to make a positive impact on everybody and everything that we touch.
Toly is not just a company, it is a way of life.
We do not want to be judged by the money that we make, but instead the number of lives that we impact and how we can make other people’s lives better.

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Revolutionizing the Beauty Industry: Toly's 360-Degree Sustainable Beauty Development Platform

In this post, we will delve into the concept of Toly as a 360 Degree Beauty Development Platform which includes the comprehensive services offered by Toly, and the remarkable benefits that cosmetics, and makeup brands can reap by collaborating with us. As we embark on this transformative journey, we place great emphasis on sustainability, eco-friendliness, and ethical practices in packaging and product development.

Toly Goes Green with Elle’s Green Beauty Stars

Our paperfoam godet holder is a revolutionary packaging solution that is both eco-friendly and unique. The biodegradable material is 100% home-compostable and recyclable along with paper. The unique molding process also allows us to create forms and shapes that are not possible with conventional card manufacturing. Additionally, the godet holder design allows the consumer to easily refill the pack by pushing out the godet from a hole in the bottom of the holder.

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