Toly Creates New Innovative Applicators for the Post-Covid World

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Toly have taken packaging to a higher level by presenting their bespoke application solutions in the Eyes, Lips and Face categories which have become the epitome of our hands-free campaign. Our marketing research, in-house make-up artists, as well as strong design and innovation teams have all united to deliver our exciting new patented applicators which not only bring differentiation to beauty brands but also provide great results. These innovations allow consumers to redefine the way they apply makeup and skincare whilst adjusting to new measures of avoiding finger contamination.

Whatever your requirements, Toly’s abilities are at large to provide your packaging needs with the use of an applicator by offering you safer and more hygienic solutions for applying your beauty products. No packaging will ever be complete without the new dynamic duo, whether it’s a cream jar, a bottle dispenser or a tube, a more sustainable solution is on the rise as it will now advocate the use of an applicator to apply product in a hands-free way.

The beauty packaging giant are at the forefront and are bringing forward their latest innovations that are fundamental in today's beauty measures. Makeup formulation is changing, makeup packaging is changing – but it’s only now that applicators are being re-invented and re-designed to address the current market needs.

Toly are proud to be pioneers in this field to meet new requirements with various characterised offerings which brings hygienic purpose and provides vital importance on not just how the formula is applied, but as well as how the formula is being delivered for maximum effect.

Explore our full range of applicators that will excite your brand, educate the consumers and create a new initiative, all whilst capturing Toly's finesse and passion for beauty.

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