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Bamboo-based packaging is biodegradable and compostable and grows in many different parts of the world, allowing brands to locally source bamboo for their packaging and thus, reduce transportation and carbon footprint, making it eco-friendly.

The bamboo packs are a mix of bamboo with other materials, resulting in less plastic use. Toly Asia's bamboo collection is ideal for a full skincare range varying from droppers with an inner glass bottle, airless dispensers with an AS bottle and two sets of pp jars. Different sizes are available for more variety.

Bamboo is conducive to laser decoration which favours a highly customised look without any additional tooling costs. All while holding on to the sustainable factor of using bamboo for the planet.


Bamboo Airless Dispenser

15ml: 33.70mm x 98mm
30ml: 33.70mm x 116.7mm
50ml: 41mm x 154.5mm

Bamboo Dropper

5ml: 32.20mm x 77.5mm
15ml: 35.0mm x 92.5mm
30ml: 38.8mm x 106.4mm

Bamboo cap with PP Jar

15g: 51.6mm x 40.70mm
30g: 64mm x 56.2mm
100g: 80.2mm x 69.7mm

Bamboo outer jar with PP inner jar

15g: 44mm x 36.70mm
30g: 52mm x 45mm
50g: 59mm x 52mm

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