MODA: A new, low cost compact from Toly

  • Toly

With consumers expecting more from their packaging and brands wantng to WOW their customers, yet still maintain a reasonable bottom line, Toly have managed to provide a solution in the form of the low cost compact called MODA.

This new stock compact has a round 59mm diameter pan well, is produced in China on high cavitation tools and has an in-line automated production process.

MODA can be supplied with either a full size mirror or a clear lid, Toly also offers a choice in the type of base. There is the lower cost cored out base or for a more premium look there is the two piece base with a base plate.

From an easthetic point of view, MODA has a modern shape with an indent running around the periphery between the lid and the base.

The flat lid enables a multitude of decoration possibilities, which can be tailor made to suit a specific brand or campaign.

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